Datasource Integrations

Knowi offers support for a wide variety of datasources, including native NoSQL database support, relational databases, various file types and external third party REST API's.

Choose the database below (or from the left hand menu) for datasource specific instructions.

NoSQL Databases

Aerospike Cassandra/DataStax Cloudant Couchbase ElasticSearch InfluxDB InfluxDB V2 MarkLogic MongoDB Tigergraph

Relational Databases

MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL SQL Server

Data Warehouses

BigQuery Redshift Snowflake Knowi Elastic Store Databricks SQL

File Based Data

CSV Email Attachments Excel Files on S3 FTP HTTP JSON

API & Cloud Services

REST API Amazon CloudWatch Azure Monitor Google Cloud Platform Monitoring Smartsheet


Google Analytics
Google Analytics 4
Salesforce OpenAI Quickbooks