Drilldowns allows your users to visually navigate and analyze data in powerful ways. Drilldowns can be set into another widget, another dashboard or the same dashboard.

Drilldowns can be configured using the 'Drilldowns' menu option on each widget in the dashboard.

Drilldown Settings:


Widget Level Drilldowns

Widget Level Drilldowns enhance chart interactivity and data visualization within the same dashboard. Configuring the Drilldown settings allows users to navigate from one widget to another with the option of passing through filters.

widget level drilldowns

Note: Users will stay on the same dashboard, but the existing dashboard widget will change to the configured widget with Drilldown filters applied.

Passing Filters in Widget level Drilldowns

Two types of filters can be passed through a widget drilldown: Widget filters and Drilldown filters.

Pass-Through Widget Filters

This option applies widget-level filters from the parent widget to the subsequent Drilldown widget.

When to use Pass-Through Widget Filters

The Pass-Through Widget Filter is useful when you have a parent widget and want to pass the data from the parent to the child widget.

For example:

widget level drilldowns

Pass-Through Drilldown Filters

This option carries forward the Drilldown filters from the previous step to the subsequent widget drilldowns, if any. This is primarily relevant for secondary widget drilldowns and on.

widget level drilldowns

When to use Pass-Through Drilldown Filters

The Pass-Through Drilldown Filter is useful when passing the data from the previous step to the next step.

For example:

widget level drilldowns

How to enable the Pass-Through Filters

Dashboard Level Drilldowns

Interacting with a widget will bring the user to the configured dashboard based on settings.

'Pass-through Dashboard Filters' means that the current filters on the sceen will be continued into the new dashboard


Define Drilldown Settings

You can define the drilldown option, When hovering over a widget with a drilldown enabled, the mouse cursor will switch from an arrow to a hand indicating that the widget has clickable functionality.

Note: * If a drill down is configured, but a field is not specified under 'When Clicked', all clickable fields that would lead to a drilldown should have a pointer hand upon hover.


Connected Widgets Drilldown

Filters the current dashboard with the clicked point based on the settings.