Self Service Analytics

Knowi offers powerful Self Service Analytics capabilities, such as the following:

Widget Analytics share: A Widget Analytics can be shared in isolation (not as part of a dashboard) by selecting the 'Share' icon in menu of a widget. Then enable widget sharing. This will generate a public URL for a widget and widget analytics. The widget analytics URL is ends with "analytics=true".

Note: This makes the Analytics publicly accessible, without requiring a login. Do not use this option for sensitive data.

The Widget Analytics shared in isolation will have no dashboard filters applied, so please always check how the data looks via url before sharing Widget Analytics link to someone.

In addition, the embed code can also be used to embed the Widget Analytics into your own portal/HTML pages.



Self Service Analytics option is available on all widgets inside a dashboard from the settings menu. This opens up the widget in ad hoc mode, with a data grid at the bottom, the widget on the top right and (visualization) settings on the left. Ad hoc analysis is driven by the bottom grid, which has two key areas:


Drag and Drop a field into one of the header sections. A drop down menu will be shown upon the drop that you can use to optionally use to rename and apply any functions/aggregations on the data applicable.

Query Previews

Ad hoc analytics can be applied during the data plumbing/query phase. Upon a query preview, use the ad hoc grid to drive the analysis, including nested elements. This will be saved as part of the query. See the example below.


Simple field selection

Drag and drop fields from into the Fields/Metrics area to only show those fields.

Ad Hoc Grid1

Aggregations & Filters

i. Drag & Drop fields into the Grouping/Dimensions area that you want to segment by (This will auto-add the field into the Fields/Metrics area).

ii. Add the field to aggregate on into the Fields/Metrics section.

iii. From the pop-up, select the aggregate option.

iv. Add any optional filters as needed.

v. Optionally, change the widget type/settings to modify the visualization settings.

Ad Hoc Grid2

Date based aggregations

Set the date bucket (hour/date/month/year) in the pop up on the grouping/dimension and metrics sections to analyze aggregations by date buckets.

Ad Hoc Grid3

Nested Objects & Arrays

Nested objects and arrays are denoted by a + icon next to the field. Nested fields and array elements are auto-detected. Click on the + sign to drill into nested objects and arrays and select the fields and analyze.


Query Analysis

Ad hoc analysis can be applied during query setup. Preview the query, apply any analysis. Any analysis is saved to that query.

Query Analysis